My promise to you!

I sell passion, and I associate this with first-class quality and outstanding service.
I am not only happy about the change of ownership of my emotional products, I am also there for you after the sale!

My individual service for you
I offer you an individual service that goes beyond the normal level.
For example, I can advise you on site if you wish and deliver your watch to you personally or by value shipment anywhere in Europe.
If your watch needs a service, we will collect it from your premises and deliver it to you again after it has been repaired.

Your investment
Do you want to invest your money wisely?
Invest part of your assets in tangible assets and spread your risk intelligently.
I would be happy to advise you if you would like to invest in luxury watches.
With the right strategy, you can achieve high returns and an investment in luxury watches has a very special charm.

My delivery times
I can deliver almost any luxury wristwatch within a reasonable period of time. Whether new or used, I usually have very quick access to even limited editions thanks to my international contacts.

As an additional service, I will refine your wristwatch according to your individual wishes.
I have access to a good network within Germany, which puts me in a position to
e.g. to offer diamond settings of a high quality standard.
I look forward to hearing your ideas, together we are sure to find a creative solution that will make your wristwatch
makes it unique.
The motto here is: – Anything is possible –

Getting to know us
For a first contact please give me a call or send me an email.

Email: [email protected]