Every Rolex watch has a reference number that identifies your Rolex.
After removing the bracelet, you will find this engraved at 12 o’clock between the lugs.

We would now like to give you an overview of the material codes.
With all reference numbers, you can recognize the material of the watch by the last digit.
The last digit is the “material code”, so to speak.
This applies from the introduction of at least 5-digit reference numbers.

Here is an overview of the “Material Codes”.

0 = steel
1 = solid yellow gold
2 = Steel with white gold or with platinum
3 = Steel with yellow gold
4 = Steel with white gold
5 = Gold-plated or 18-carat red gold
6 = Platinum
7 = 14 carat yellow gold
8 = 18 carat yellow gold
9 = 18 carat white gold